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Mark 6 days ago

Fried Calamari

I had this dish and the calamari was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Delicious!

Chocolateuplift 3 months ago

Armand's Famous Thin Crust Pizza (12")

I am a repeat superfan of Victory Tap's delicious "tavern style" Chicago pizza: thin, elegant, topped with anything you want (my fave combo: artichokes, spinach, green olives), and sliced into the cute squares + corner triangles I remember from childhood. The crunchy-crumbly crust has extra flavor and texture, and helps set this lovely pizza apart. Friends and family and I have ordered other items too -- salads, entrees, housemade pastas -- and everything has been wonderful whether for takeout or eat-in. Can't wait to come back!

Nnuesslein 3 months ago

Nanna's Gravy

Every week I order something new and Victory in Oak Park NEVER disappoints. Food is delicious. Portions are generous. Will definitely keep coming back

Laura604 3 months ago

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Meatballs and red sauce. If an Italian restaurant has good meatballs and red sauce, game over for me... and these are the best! Great flavor and texture meatballs, perfect red sauce and delish pasta. Everything I eat here is glad to have them in the neighborhood!

Shantulip 3 months ago

Pappardelle Bolognese

Amazing service! Don't even get me started on that complementary garlic bread! The pasta is superb! If it was on the menu, I'd order more! The downstairs is so cozy and a warm vibe! I can't wait to return!

Barb 2 months ago

14" Thin Crust

Super thin, not soggy and overall delicious. Big fan of the corneal on the crust as well as ‘cheese to the edge please’!

Kaelee 3 months ago

Antipasto Salad

AMAZING. Best salad I've ever had!

Dominique 3 months ago

The Best Ravioli Around

I would 10/10 recommend the ravioli and the Loop location any time any day. I am heading there again today for dinner.

Rachelwallick 3 months ago

Nanna's Gravy

This is such an amazing pasta dish! The pot roast is fork tender and in a lucious sauce that I can't get enough of. This is my go-to meal at Victory Italian.

Bmurph123 3 months ago

8 Finger Cavatelli

Incredible sauce - great flavor in the arrabbiata---perfect kick. Generous portion to dip in garlic bread. Cavatelli was cooked perfectly! Excellent service on top---the bartender even cared to ask what my name was, which was especially welcoming given I had just moved to Chicago 6 weeks ago. I will definitely to visit again!